Congratulations, it is a great achievement to play for one club for 10+ continuous seasons.

The following people are receiving service awards this year as part of the junior presentation day or senior presentation night.

All service award receipients should please come up to ground control, Gymea Bay Oval this coming weekend (7 & 8 July) to try on jackets and get your sizing right.

If you are unable to make it, or you know your size, please let Sue know (S, M, L, XL & XXL – the jackets are a big make) by email –

Please note, if you do not let us know your size, we will do our best to order the right size for you, but we are unable to reorder jackets in
a different size after they are embroidered with your details.

If you think you should be receiving a service award this season and are not on the following list, or if there is an error eg your name is spelt incorrectly, please let Sue know at

10 years

Aidan Frederiksen

William Gassman

Anastasios Kypriotis

Olivia Morris

George Passas

Sinead Kavanagh

Tayla Hill

Sophie Brann

Sarah Archer

Samantha Archer

Alexandra Schrueder

Kiara Rafferty

Jordan Papadikis

Jonah Love

Kalani Bennett

Carina Donoghue

Dylan Turner

Rachel Murray-prior

Rebekah Croucher

Liam Dodd

Bowen Sweeney

Tim Sweeney

Aden Callachor

Jacob Barbetta

Cameron Gilfillan

Nicholas Hatzimihali

Kyaan Groves-Jones

Lachlan Stokes

Kurt Bradbury

Mark Hildebrandt

Adam Sharp

Matthew Elyard

Emily Liberato

Kelsie Beranek

Stephen Bett

Todd Worthington

Eric Anderson

John Bailey

Michael Rooney

15 years

Daniel Wall

Joseph De Sensi

Domenic Serverino

Sean Bonser

Louise Taylor

David Ward

Julian Keith

Thomas Parkhill

20 years

Brad Saunders

Matthew Dean

Greg Austen

Todd Grant

25 years

Daniel Fogden

Brok Carney

Mark Stansfield from GUFC 35B’s (pictured bottom row, third from left) has played football with the club for the last 41 years – every year since he
was 5 years old. This photo is taken when Mark played for the ‘Gymea United Junior Soccer Club’ 15A team in 1988. Also pictured is Adam Buckley, our 35B coach, he is the goalie in the middle!