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GUFC has received a Certificate of Achievement and is now a 2 Star Club Changer!

This award demonstrates demonstrating our commitment and dedication to the development of Safeguarding in the Football community, and the development of Women and Girls Football. With the success of our two women’s premier league teams, a new female head coach for the club, free training for our coaches and the introduction of our Female Intro To Football program, 2023 has been a big year!

By defining our commitment to the Club Changer program, we aim to support the growth and retention of female football, improve quality of the participation experience and maintain positive playing environments for women and girls at GUFC.

Look out for what GUFC has in store for 2024!

2024 GUFC Calendar

1 Saturday Round 7
2 Sunday –  Round 6
8 Saturday – Round 8
9 Sunday – Round 7
15 Saturday – Round 10
16 Sunday – Round 8
22 Saturday – Round 11
23 Sunday Round 9
29 Saturday – Round 12
30 Sunday – Round 10

6 Saturday – Round 13 (School Holidays)
7 Sunday – Round 11(School Holidays)
13 Saturday – Round 14 (School Holidays)
14 Sunday – Round 12 (School Holidays)
20 Saturday – Round 15 (School Holidays) – PURPLE SOCKS ROUND
21 Sunday – Round 13 (School Holidays) – PURPLE SOCKS ROUND
27 Saturday – Round 16 – PURPLE SOCKS ROUND
28 Sunday – Round 14 – PURPLE SOCKS ROUND


Commitment to Child Safety


Our club provides a safe culture by supporting children and young people, their families and communities and by ensuring all volunteers and staff who work with Gymea United Football Club are committed to safeguarding children and young people.

A Member Protection Information Officer is the first point of contact for persons with member protection or child protection enquiries or complaints. MPIO’s are impartial and have received further training in how to handle complaints. They are the ‘go to’ person if you want to discuss problems, particularly if you are considering making an official complaint.

The GUFC Member Protection Information Officer can be contacted via email:

To learn more CLICK HERE

Respect our Referees


Please remember Miniroo refs are young kids, they are someone’s child and they deserve respect. They will make mistakes and we should show them the same tolerance and understanding that we show our own children. Try to remember back to when you were that age and how scary & intimidating you would have found a grown adult or group of them towering and shouting at you when all you were doing is trying to help their kids.

Each Club has a MiniRoos Co-Ordinator and there are Ground Control at every game. Please approach these people with any problems or issues that may arise. They are there to help! This is also the case with Adult Refs, no matter what decision is made on the field, all refs are to be respected. We are all grown adults and should be setting the example.

Serious and repeat offenders could be taken to the SSFA judiciary if a complaint is made and penalties like suspension of a player or match bans for spectators could apply. We ask you consider your behaviour as role models for the children and treat all referees with respect.