Sutherland Titans FC – Teal Cup #GUFC60

As you know, this season was GUFC’s 60th season. We have organised various celebrations to focus on the club’s rich history and our special place in the Gymea Community as the “Family Club”. Sutherland Titans FC was formed in 2005, by then GUFC President Stuart Teal & his daughter Bree Teal, with the idea of…


Finals Wrap Up & Grand Final Teams

Congratulations to all the teams playing in finals football this weekend, well done on making it to the preliminary finals … it’s a huge achievement and players should be very proud, regardless of the outcome. Congratulations to the following teams who have now made it into next week’s grand finals:


2019 Service Awards

Well done! It is a great achievement to play for one club for 10+ continuous seasons. The following people are receiving service awards this year as part of the junior presentation day or senior presentation night:





Fees must be paid in full before players can attend grading, training or trial games.
No player is covered by insurance until they are registered.
Pre season activity (training, trials, kick around’, etc) must be sanctioned by the SSFA prior to any such activity being permitted on Council land or even at a private facility. Without approval players, coaches, managers and club officials are not covered by the FNSW sourced Directors and Officers Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Player Insurance.


Wow! We are very happy to advise GUFC placed third in the Feros Group sponsorship month promotion. The club wins a prize of $2,000. THANK YOU to everyone who visited one of the Feros venues 🙂

2019 Calendar

24/25 – Grand Finals

7 – Junior Presentation, Flip Out
14 – Senior Presentation, The Prince Hotel


2019 Semi Finalists

Congratulations to the following teams who have made the semi finals:

Minor Premiers: 15A, W18C, SWB/2 & W30B/1

Semi Finalists: 12B, 12E, 13A, 16A, 16B, 21A, 21B/2, 35A, 35D, 45D, AL2, AL5, AL7/2, AL9/1, AL10, AL11/2, AL13, W12A, W14B, W14D, W16A/1, W16C/1, W18A/1, W18A/2, W30B/1, SWC/1 & SWE

GUFC’s 60th Year Celebrations – 2019

As many of you know season 2019 is GUFC’s 60th year & we have organised lots of really exciting events to celebrate this wonderful milestone.  The celebrations have focussed on our rich history and our special place in the Gymea Community as the “Family Club”.
Here’s some of our fabulous #GUFC60 EVENTS we have been proud to organise for the 2019 season:

– rollout to players of a special historical training shirt!
– team entered into the FFA Cup!
– weekly Facebook Flashback Friday & Striker series
– Family Day
– Dean Cup, SHFC v GUFC
– special miniroos presentation of original pennant ‘trophy’
– Sponsorship of Titan’s FC perpetual trophy – Teal Cup

Boomerang Bar – #GUFC60

Terry Hibbins (life member & 12 year stint as honorary secretary) is responsible for one of the great institutions at GUFC, the Boomerang Bar! Terry, with David Birch, commenced operations and they were soon joined by (Uncle) Harry Johnson. The Bar has seen many stories of football genius retold, reshaped and enhanced over the years! The bar has also inspired a few tales of its own, including the mysterious ‘Grasswatchers’ who have held a “meeting” every Friday afternoon at Gymea Bay Oval for some 40 odd years. ‘Grasswatchers’ was originally named because Terry’s children used to ask where did Dad go each Friday… and the answer was “To Watch the Grass Grow”. Many famous Gymea men have been, or are still part of, this special group.
Photo is of Terry and Harry getting ready for the game at GUFC’s 50th Anniversary celebrations
Credit: Memories – Terry & Maureen Hibbins – Life Members