While we certainly hope it doesn’t happen to GUFC players, injuries are a part of football. A significant part of your registration fees goes towards insurance for injuries.

If you are injured at training or a game, regardless of whether your injury is likely to require an insurance claim or not, it must be reported via a white Sutherland Shire Football Association (SSFA) Accident Form. Injury reporting is the same throughout the SSFA.

If you are injured here’s what to do:

At training

  • Coach/manager must advise GUFC’s secretary secretary@gufc.com.au of the incident.  Please include Ground / Player’s Name / Date of Injury / Team / Nature of Injury / Any Remarks
  • We will complete and lodge the SSFA Accident Form and email you details of ‘What to Do’ if you need to lodge a Personal Injury Claim Form.

On game day

  • Coach/manager must go to ground control at the venue (Gymea Bay Oval or any other ground) and complete an SSFA Accident Form. The ground control will forward the Accident Form to the SSFA with the match sheets.
  • We will arrange for a Personal Injury Claim Form, with detailed instructions, to be emailed to you and your team’s manager.
  • After a game day – it is really important for your Coach/manager to fill out a  SSFA Accident Form on game day – it’s the first piece of ‘evidence’ the injury has happened during your game for your insurance claim.  If an Accident Form was forgotten to be filled out, your team’s coach or manager must advise GUFC’s secretary secretary@gufc.com.au of the incident. They should include Ground / Player’s Name / Date of Injury / Team / Nature of Injury / Any Remarks

Lodging an Insurance Claim Form

  • If you do need to make an claim for injuries sustained at either training or a game complete all sections of the Personal Injury Claim Form (keeping a copy of the Form and attachments for your records) and bring the original Form & original attachments to ground control at Gymea Bay Oval to be signed by a club representative.
  • We will arrange to send your completed Personal Injury Claim Form to the SSFA to be signed by their representative and the SSFA will then forward, by email, your claim to the insurance company.
  • It generally takes two to three weeks for the insurance company to contact you and confirm receipt of your claim.  If you have any questions regarding your insurance claim you need to contact the insurer directly http://www.gowgatessport.com.au/football/nsw/