Alternate strips are available at ground control, Gymea Bay Oval. The committee person on duty will be able to help you but please leave a little time for the correct size shirts to be located and signed out.

Competition teams playing Bangor, home or away, must wear an alternate strip.  MiniRoos do not need to change shirts.

Competition teams playing another GUFC team must also wear an alternate strip.  It is the team drawn as the HOME team who must change.  Home team MiniRoo teams playing another GUFC MiniRoos team should wear bibs to distinguish the home team.  Either wear the training vests from your kit (if you have enough) otherwise bibs are available from ground control at Gymea Bay Oval.

Please return all shirts to ground control as soon as possible after your game, preferably washed, but if you are unable to please just return the whole kit asap.  MiniRoos bibs can just be returned as soon as your game is over.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]