Each year GUFC presents two important awards:

  • Giant of the Year – outstanding services by a volunteer committee person
  • President’s Award – outstanding services by a club volunteer

As with most local sports clubs, GUFC is run entirely by volunteers – committee, coaches, managers and many other helpers. With 1600+ players and 130+ teams, running GUFC is a big job. It starts in January with registration, grading and teams commencing training – and ends in November/December with the annual general meeting and planning for the next season. It simply can’t be understated – our volunteers ensure we all get to play football. Without them, we wouldn’t have a club. Every effort is appreciated – we thank you all.

Honour roll

President’s Award – outstanding volunteer services to GUFC

2000 Garry Landsberry
2002 Janet Jennings
2003 Pat Johnston
2004 Nicholas Del Din
2005 Greg Hiron
2006 John Bailey
2007 Dale King
2008 Malcolm Curtis
2009 Shannon Dixon
2010 Gary Wall
2011 Cathy Economos
2012 Michael Lewis
2013 Lisa Brown
2014 Dave Kable
2015 Gary Rigney
2016 Sue Brann
2017 Mark Hildebrandt
2018 Paul Worthy
2019 Jenny Adair
2020 Michael New
2021 Enzo Torrillo
2022 Sian Wallis

Giant of the Year – outstanding GUFC committee member

1979 Ada Smith
1980 Terry Hibbins
1981 Stewart Teal
1982 Rob Glass
1983 Teal Family
1984 Eileen Ward
1986 Harry Johnston
1987 Kevin Jeffree
1989 Suzy Hasham
1992 Ray Dennis
1994 Jan Dennis
1996 Steven McCrohon
1997 Lou McCrohon
1998 Darryl Clark
1999 Garry Landsberry
2000 Graham & Wendy Smithers
2001 Anthony Mayo
2002 Brad Saunders
2003 Dale King
2006 Lea Tsekouras
2008 John Bailey
2009 Jim Keane
2010 Michael Lewis
2011 Steve Brann
2012 Jenny Adair
2013 Michael Blumor
2014 Mark Hildebrandt
2015 Doug Sparks
2016 Cherie Donoghue
2017 Lisa Brown
2018 Melisa Opperman
2019 Anthony Severino
2020 Paul Worthy
2021 Michael New
2022 Tegan Yasserie

About GUFC Awards and Honour Rolls lists

All GUFC Honour Rolls have be put together based on the best historic information available. If you think you can fill in some of the blanks or have spotted an error please email us info@gufc.com.au

If you have any information on the contribution an individual has made to GUFC – old photos or documentation, stories – please email us anytime info@gufc.com.au