About MiniRoos

MiniRoos Football is football for boys and girls aged 5–11 years, played on smaller fields, with less players on a team and in an environment where the emphasis is on enjoyment rather than winning. It maximises participation for all players, leading to more touches on the ball, repeated decision making, more goals and importantly less perceived pressure on young players.

Pitch size, player numbers and goal dimensions all gradually increase as children move through the age groups, with the under 6s playing 4×4 and progressing through to 11×11 when they reach under 12s. The laws of the game also gradually change throughout this progression to reflect the changes in understanding, awareness as well as the physical development of players.

The Sutherland Shire Football Association first introduced SSF in 2008 for u6-u9 age groups. This has since been expanded to include up to u11.

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