Cyril O’Neill
Andy Watson
Bill Fisher
Laurie Dean
Ross Smith
Ada Smith
Stan Ellis
John Lewis
Ron Rich
Ken Landsberry
Alan McAlpine
Ruby Ellis
Ken Gough
Max Cameron
Bev Nelson
Greg Harris
Shirley Harris
Harry Basterfield
Doug Barr
Rob Glass
Terry Hibbins
Maureen Hibbins
Harry Johnston
Ray Dennis
Eileen Ward
Stewart Teal
Brian Ward
Peter Blacker
Darryl Clark
Dale King
Bryan Molan
Wendy Smithers
John Bailey
Patricia Johnston
Cathy Economos
Gary Wall
Michael Blumor
Michael Lewis
Doug Sparks
Lisa Brown
Cherie Donoghue
Mark Hildebrandt
Anthony Severino

Life Members at GUFC’s 50th Anniversary Dinner
Back Row: Darryl Clark, Greg Harris, Terry Hibbins, Ray Dennis
Front: Eileen Ward, Maureen Hibbins, Ruby Ellis, Harry Johnston, Shirley Harris, Brian Ward

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