The Gymea Song – Composed by the late Mr Stan Ellis Snr

Green and White,   Green and White,
Shout Hooray for the Green and White
G. Y. M. then E.A.
Loud and Clear
As they Start to Play
Watch for Those Players
and Watch their Style
They’ll Lead the Field
by Half a Mile
it’s Green and White
Clean and Bright
They’re the Teams from Gymea Bay
We Call them Giants,
They’re the Teams from Gymea Bay
They are our Giants,
They’re the Teams from Gymea Bay


The following was sung widely at the club during the 80’s. It was very common to hear this melody beating out from the change rooms after a win, at grand finals and even at 21sts. It may have even got the odd run at various shire night clubs (then discos) and the odd wedding!

“We are green, we are white
We are (insert colourful term) dynamite
With a nick nack paddy wack, give the dog a bone
Gymea United, march right home

Come to Gymea, you will see
Foster, Tooheys and VB
We don’t drink whiskey, but we do drink beer
We are the boys from, Gymea.”

Repeat and Repeat until you are asked to leave the venue or then next team wants the change rooms.

GUFC War Cry

Long before Australia had employed multiple marketing and advertising firms in the lead up to the 2000 Sydney Olympics to come up with the very clever and witty ‘Aussie Aussie Aussie … Oi Oi Oi’, Gymea United had it’s very own war cry. This was usually saved for Finals, State Cups and Champions of Champions. During the late 80’s and early 90’s it was quite an inspiring (GUFC) and intimidating thing (Opposition) to hear one half of the crowd at Harry Denning break out in the Cry:

Lily Lily Lily …Oi Oi Oi
Lily Oi, Lily Oi ,
Lily Lily Lily …Oi Oi Oi

Repeated until the battle was won!!!

In 2005 a group of fathers with kids playing junior football at GUFC formed an over 35s team. The grading committee did a good job and so in line with their talent they were promptly selected as the bottom Gymea team in the lowest Over 35s grade. Within their number however was was an internationally acclaimed Cabaret Performer and Rod Stewart impersonator (a man that counted amongst his credits being a Womble!) … the world renown Morgan Kent, well that’s what “Morgs” told the  team anyway. Morgan immediately took up the challenge to produce a team (club) victory song.

Unfortunately for Morgan the teams results were worst than even the grading committee expected, so bad that most players found it really hard to even remember the words. As a result below is probably the least sung GUFC team song ever.

Team Song

(Authors: Lyrics: Peter (Morgan) Kent/William (Bill) Harrigan; Music: Rod Stewart)

Sung To the tune of Rod Stewart’s Maggie May ……

“Stand up United, we’ve just decided, we’re the best of all
We are skillful and courageous, our winning is contagious, we’re the first on the ball
They thought they had a chance today
But we taught them how to play
I bet they wish they never seen our face
We’re on fire like red hot coals
It’s GUFC that score the goals
they all tried, but we’re the best team in the league
Bulahdelah, Bulahdelah, Bulahdelah
they all tried, but we’re the best team in the league
Gymea United (Morgs) – oi, oi, oi
Gymea (Morgs) – oi
Gymea (Morgs) – oi
Gymea United (Morgs) – oi, oi, oi”

Any teams from GUFC’s rich past or present that have a team song not listed please send to Please keep it clean.