At the conclusion of each football season (1985 until 2008) a GIANTS Year Book was collated, printed and distributed to each Giant family by the Gymea committee.

The Year Book’s usually contained a President’s & other Committee Reports, Player Service Awards, the following season’s committee and Team Report/Photo which were often very funny and great reading.  Year Books were a fabulous way of preserving the Club’s year by year history!

We are in the process of scanning every Giants Year Book … highlighted are some copies of the club’s Year Books we have scanned to date!  Unfortunately we are missing copies of the 2003 and 2004 year books.  If you have a copy of one of these year books, or any other Gymea soccer memorabilia, please email and we can arrange for it to be copied and returned to you.

1985 Year Book
1986 Year Book
1987 Year Book
1988 Year Book 

1989 Year Book
1990 Year Book
1991 Year Book
1992 Year Book
1993 Year Book
1994 Year Book
1995 Year Book
1996 Year Book
1997 Year Book
1998 Year Book
1999 Year Book
2000 Year Book
2001 Year Book
2002 Year Book   
2003 Year Book
2004 Year Book
2005 Year Book Pt 1 and 2005 Year Book Pt 2
2006 Year Book
2007 Year Book
2008 Year Book

Also, here are some copies other interesting booklets collected by our life members –

1995 Champion of Champions Booklet