Assistant Secretary and Social Secretary for many years.  Managed son Adam’s team for 12 years.

Merit Certificate holder on Association.  Member of Ladies Association and Junior Association in Shire.  Secretary for years and ran Bates Drive canteen for years.

Involved with Shire Association and Clubs for many years including Association functions, organised by my Ladies of Association.

Shirley Harris is pictured here, front row – middle, with other life members at the 2013 Junior Presentation. Her husband, Greg, also a GUFC life member, is pictured front row, right.


Early days on the roof of the canteen, cleaning up!  The four ladies on the roof were Shirley Harris, Ruby Ellis, Beryl McAlpine and Ada Smith.

I remember one Saturday afternoon, the current president, Stan Ellis was working on top of club roof over the canteen.  He got down and put my youngest son, Adam, up there to do something for him.  Stan threw the spanner up to Adam, and would you believe, he knocked him off the roof!!!  Fortunately he was fine, and everyone laughed.

Shirley Harris (on right) at GUFC’s 50th Anniversary Dinner with Ruby Ellis and daughter