Excerpt from 1984 newspaper article about the Ellis Family’s involvement in soccer


Yes, the ‘Ellis Family’ of Gymea have been involved in soccer since the Foundation Year of Gymea United Soccer Club.  This one-eyed family, (both of them green) consists of Stan Ellis (Snr) who during his 25 years of service to soccer saw him involved in every aspect of the game, Stan (Snr) spent many years as Senior Vice President of Gymea followed by two years as President.

Stan lived for his soccer, it was not unusual to see him on Sunday mornings planting grass and moving sprinklers to ensure a good playing surface.  Social days would see him marking ovals, putting up nets, collecting oranges, organising teams, building morale, remarking on certain decisions by referees, occasionally correcting linesman, taking the whistle himself and the list is endless.  Stan’s dream was to see Gymea United become a force through out the Shire and the state.

Stan and his wife, Ruby, put up their money to help the new born club build its canteen and clubhouse amenities.  Stan nurtured a team of young boys to become a 21A ‘Champion of Champions’ and through his love for the game saw many young men and women develop the skills needed to take on the top soccer nation of the world in the future.

Unfortunately, Stan passed away on January 10 this year [1984].  However, his work is now carried on by others who also have the same dedication to the world’s most popular sport.  Here is a little quote from an opposing club’s view of Stan Ellis on hearing of his passing:-
   Stan was unique.  I am sure there is no-one else in the world quite like him.
He was one of the great characters of the Sutherland Shire.
Soccer in this shire has lost one of its great workers and supporters.

Ruby the Rattler, his dedicated wife, has also been involved for 25 years in abusing the occasional referee.  Her duties include raising 7 children, canteen, conceiving, manageress, conceiving, publicity officer, conceiving, newsletter, conceiving, entertaining, and conceiving Miss Sutherland Shire Soccer Queen, 1969, Susan Ellis [see photos below].

Stan Ellis (Jnr) “The Sniffer” has played 23 years at Gymea, duties include player, coach, linesman, entertainer, waterboy, referee and the lists of credit go on.  Stan now has a son Bradley who is being groomed to play under 6’s in the 1985 season.

Stuart Ellis “Smell” to his friends.  This career began when he was 31/2 years old, playing a social game at Hotham Road Oval, 23 years of service, duties include player, Coach, water boy, referee and the credits go on.

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Back Row: ?, Neil Wardrop, Peter McGinn, Peter Lay, Stan Ellis Front Row: Tribe, Ellis, Oak/Oakey, Kennedy, Taylor, Kevin Smith, MacMillan

Miss Sutherland Shire Soccer, 1969 – Susan Ellis


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