Congratulations to all the teams playing in finals football this weekend, well done on making it to the preliminary finals … it’s a huge achievement and players should be very proud, regardless of the outcome.

Congratulations to the following teams who have now made it into next week’s grand finals:

12B, W14D, W16C/1, JW18A/2, SWE, 35A & 45D

They join our 15A, 21A, W18C, W30B/2 & AL5 in the GRAND FINAL’s next weekend!

Please come along and cheer for our teams if you can. Here are all the GUFC Grand Final games.  Go the GIANTS!!!

Unfortunately we say goodbye to the following teams after a extremely close game or a draw this weekend – 12E, W14B, W16A/1, 16B, JW18A/1, SWB/2, AL2 and AL13

Thanks to all the Gymea supporters who were out and about … its great to see so many people cheering our teams on.