Hello all,

As Football continues to grow in the Sutherland Shire, the need for more referees to help officiate these games increases. More than ever, we are looking for mature (male and female) volunteers to help grow the pool of refereeing talent to cover senior games in the Shire.  To support this, mid-season intake courses are now scheduled for June 2019.

Unlike the commitment you have made to your team, refereeing provides you with flexibility to manage your own availability on a week-to-week basis, so you can still play the game you love, whilst choosing when you will referee.

To become a referee, you simply need to bring a passion for football, a willingness to learn and a few free hours on the weekend. Accreditation requirements are as simple as completing an online Laws of the Game certificate, obtaining the paid WWC check and attending a half-day practical training course.

To find out more, and to enrol in a course, please visit ssfra.org.au for more details.


David Morgan

SSFRA Secretary.



12 Reasons to Get a Job as a Referee this Season

There are plenty of reasons to become a referee this year. Have you got what it takes? Here’s fourteen motivations for you to join the beautiful game and
start your journey as a referee.

1. Be paid whilst enjoying the sport you love

Get outside and be a match official. Earn great cash by taking the centre or sideline at a local ground near you.

2. Keep healthy and fit

An added benefit of working as a referee each week is the fitness you’ll gain by officiating on weekends and attending midweek training sessions.

3. There’s plenty of work

There is always room for more referees, whether it is officiating winter football or being part of the continued growth in Summer Football and Local Futsal. Football needs you!

4. Be part of a team

Learn to work together as being part of a team, either on the field with your fellow match officials or off the field with your local Referee Branch.

5. Meet new people and make friends

There are over 5000 football referees in New South Wales with lots of opportunities to meet each other at events such as State Titles, Champion of Champions, and the State Cups.

6. Keep enjoying the sport you love

If you’ve ended your time playing the beautiful game, refereeing can be the next logical step to continue actively participating in football. Stay fit and healthy with a whistle in hand and give back to the sport that you love.

7. It’s safe

The risk of injury whilst refereeing is much less than playing, and you’ll run just as much!

8. Help your local club & community

Refereeing is a great way to support your local football club and allow kids and adults alike to play football.

9. Gain life skills

Refereeing teaches you important life skills, such as conflict resolution, discipline, confidence. The skills learnt will be utilised at school, university or work.

10. You can make a profession out of it

If you find that officiating is something you’d like to pursue further, there is a clear pathway to become a professional referee, especially now that the Hyundai A-League employs fulltime refs.

11. Improve your knowledge of the game

Understanding all the Laws of the Game will help you in other aspects of football – whether it be as a fan, player, coach, or volunteer.

12. Build management & communication skills

Effective communication and management skills is an important part of everyday life. As a referee you will learn to successfully apply these skills on and off then field.