Well done to all teams on a great season after all the craziness at the start.

As you know, there will be no finals series this season … first past the post are the premiers in each grade for competition teams!

Congratulations 2020 GUFC Premiers – W21A/2, WSX/1 – WSA Premiers, WSX/2 – WSB Premiers, 12E/2, 13D and 14D

Congratulations 2020 GUFC Runners Up – 12B, 16A, 18A/1, 18D, 21A, AL04, AL09, W16B and WSH

14D                                                                       W21A2

WSA                                                                      WSB


13D                                                                         12E/2


Please send through a team photo from your last game to info@gufc.com.au or text to 0488 222 021 for our website and Facebook page.  Thank you 🙂