At the recent committee meeting, the 2021 committee was elected. Thank you to all those who accepted positions.

Below is the list of the 2021 committee so far … but there are still quite a few positions to be filled.

PLEASE, WE NEED NEW PEOPLE – with new ideas, enthusiasm and a willingness to help

If you are interested in taking on a vacant position and would like more info, please email

2021 committee

Anthony Severino: President
Paul Worthy: Vice President
Penny Hummerston: Honorary Secretary
Vacant: Assistant Secretary
Michael New: Honorary Treasurer
Amanda Behrendt: Assistant Treasurer
Lisa Brown: Senior Registrar
Sian Wallis: Assistant Registrar
Enzo Torrillo: Head Coach
Jacob Rua: MiniRoos Coordinator
VACANT: Competition Secretary
Gary Rigney: Ground Controller
VACANT: Social Secretary
Paul Assirati: Sponsorship Officer
Sue Brann: Gear Officer
Michelle Nagy: Communications Officer
Matthew Chapman: Minute Secretary
Joel Grove: Canteen Supervisor
Vacant: Assistant Canteen Supervisor

Committee persons (minimum 12 positions):
Amanda Beck, Andrew Camfield, Leah-Ann Dibley, Andrew Head, Mark Hildebrandt, Isabella Lima, Emily Molan, Tom Riordan, Greg Smith, Wendy Smithers, Doug Sparks, Michelle Thomas, Mitchell Worthy and Tegan Yasserie