Wet weather occasionally forces training and games to be cancelled.

The SSFA clubs determine if games are played on weekends. The Council Wet Weather Line which advises if SSC grounds are closed during
the week (Ph: 9710 0105) doesn’t apply on the weekends.

In the event of wet weather on game days, here is what to do:

Game days

In the event of wet weather:

  • Wait to be advised by your team manager
  • Check www.gufc.com.au & GUFC Facebook Page for updates.

For early games, the decision may not come before you need to leave for the game. Unfortunately, this is sometimes unavoidable, due to the grounds not being inspected until 6.30am, with usually a 7.10am notification from the SSFA.

Also note that just because some games are called off, others may go ahead eg Saturday games could be off, while Sunday games are on.

Total Washout Draw – Plan B

In the event that a significant number of fields are deemed unplayable on a given weekend Plan B will be implemented with the ‘total wash out draw’ in place. That is, the following games will be played at Kareela 2 and 3 at the times noted.

Saturday Teams. 15A, W16B and 16C (playing Round 10)

Sunday Teams. SWE, SWB and 45B (playing Round for that weekend)


Note that Saturday competition teams will be playing Round 10 games on any subsequent ‘total wash out’ weekends. The above Saturday draw will remain valid (i.e. times and opponents will remain as stated) until after the next ‘total wash out’.

However, the draw for Sunday teams is only valid for the coming weekend. Opponents and times (but not grades) will need to be adjusted week on week until we do experience our first ‘total wash out’ of the Sunday competitions. Once we have experienced a total wash out on Sunday, that washed out round will then become the Plan B round.

The following items are noted for clarity:

  • The Sunday teams will be playing the round drawn for that weekend, Saturday teams will be playing Round 10
  • At times as stated above and on the SSFA website
  • Location for Plan B will only be Kareela 2 and Kareela 3 in 2018
  • Teams are asked to assist with set up and pack up if they are the first or last game
  • Teams playing at Kareela will be expected to comply with the Criteria for Use of Kareela 2 or 3 including:
    • Ground Control requirements for playing at a foreign field (SSFA Rule 30.D) do apply (which includes TWO GROUND CONTROLLERS PER TEAM)
    • Teams playing at Kareela will be expected to comply with the Criteria. Note that SPECTATORS ARE NOT ALLOWED INSIDE THE FENCE

Wet Weather ‘Plan B’ Operation Overview

As Clubs are aware, the long established wet weather procedure followed by the SSFA is that if we cannot play all competition games on the fields
available we abandon the day – known as a ‘Total Washout’.

The two Kareela ‘All Weather’ fields provide an opportunity to play additional games when a Total Washout would have previously been declared. In 2016 the SSFA looked to extend this principle by also inviting Clubs to include their fields in the ‘Plan B’ scenario, however issues of damage to grounds, availability of volunteers and communications became evident.

For 2018, it is proposed that only the Kareela Synthetic fields will be used for Plan B with club turf fields being utilised on an exceptions basis
only – rather than as a distinct possibility.

The seven team competitions are presently being considered for inclusion in a majority of Plan B draws in order to maximise their game time. All other competition divisions will be ‘placed in a hat’ and drawn at random to determine which age/ grade will be drawn to play at the Kareela Synthetic fields (one list for Saturday, one for Sunday). Once ‘drawn from the hat’ an age/ grade will no longer be eligible to be ‘put back in the hat’
for subsequent washed out rounds (except potentially the seven team competitions). Note that the Titans will not be drawn to participate in Plan B.

Clubs will be advised of the order that ages/ grades are drawn (refer attached spreadsheet).


Now that we have passed Round 9 the above draw is only valid for this coming weekend and will need to be adjusted week on week until we do experience our first ‘total wash out’ of the season. Once we have experienced a total wash out, that washed out round will then become the Plan B round.

For example, if Round 10 is washed out, Round 10 will be ‘abandoned’ for all teams that do not participate in Plan B. Therefore all teams subsequently involved in Plan B will also play Round 10 in lieu of the round that was otherwise scheduled on the day of the next ‘total washout’.

Match times will be published in advance to Clubs so that for example the 21Xs who were originally kicking off at 3pm somewhere else will know that they are now playing at 8.30am etc.


As these games will be ‘all foreign games’, the costs associated with use of Synthetic pitches will be shared by all Clubs involved (Council have advised that the charge rate to the SSFA is $55 per hour per field). Also it will be expected that Clubs participating in the first game of the day will
setup the field, and last game of the day will pack up the field– with the goal posts NOT needing to be removed and packed away at the end of Saturday’s play. All Clubs/ teams using the synthetic fields will be required to comply with the ‘Criteria for Use’ that is attached.


Should the above occur prior to the 4th round regrading, the Round 18 results will be ignored when comparing to higher/lower grades that
may be considered for regrading.