Wet weather occasionally forces games to be cancelled.

The SSFA clubs determine if games are played.  Each SSFA club inspects their grounds and advises the SSFA executive if their ovals are playable.  The Council Wet Weather Line doesn’t apply on the weekends.

Wet Weather on Game days

In the event of wet weather:

  • GUFC’s competition secretary will advise you of any changes to games by sms as soon as we are notified by the SSFA
  • Check GUFC’s Coaches & Managers Facebook Page, www.gufc.com.au and shirefootball.com.au for updates
  • Notify your team as soon as possible of any changes

For early games, the decision may not come before you and your team needs to leave for the game. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, due to the grounds not being inspected until 6.30am and notifications from the SSFA until after 7am.

Always assume games are ON unless you are advised otherwise.

Also note that just because some games are called off, others may go ahead eg Saturday games could be off, while Sunday games are on.


In the event of wet weather on game days, please DON’T message or call our clubhouse, committee members, or other playing grounds.
This just ties the phone & computers up when they need to be used.
Just wait to hear – you will receive notification as soon as we know!