It’s that time of the year again … final competition games were played last weekend.

Well done to all teams on a great season. Now it’s time for semi finals!!!

GUFC has strong representation in the semi finals, which is fantastic – get out and support teams if you can.

Congratulations 2019 GUFC minor premiers

15A, W18C, SWB/2 & W30B/2

Congratulations 2019 GUFC semi finalists

12B, 12E, 13A, 16A, 16B, 21A, 21B/2, 35A, 35D, 45D, AL2, AL5, AL7/2, AL9/1, AL10, AL11/2, AL13, W12A, W14B, W14D, W16A/1, W16C/1, W18A/1, W18A/2, W30B/1, SWC/1 & SWE

(* Photo of the 5 over 70 years old players in the 45D’s – from left to right, John Bailey, Alan Tidy, Mick Rooney, Ken Jones, Malcolm Curtis)

Here are three documents that highlight the Rules during the Finals Series to ensure maximum enjoyment by participants and spectators:

Clubs are also asked to remind all teams playing at Kareela 2, Kareela 3, Harrie Dening and Seymour Shaw 1 of the additional requirements that need to be met.

Also note that parking at Kareela and Harrie Dening will be very congested on these days and people should consider car-pooling or parking in surrounding streets and walking a short distance to their respective ovals.