2024 Season Player Grading Schedule

Please keep an eye out for potential grading day/times updates on the website, Facebook and Instagram. Please check back 24 hours to confirm. Players must be registered before attending.



Grading, Ages 8-18

  • Players will need to attend grading and are to wear boots & shin pads
  • Players will be graded by grading staff & based on previous year playing ability
  • Players must be registered
  • Uniform Shop and Canteen will be open on the day
Date Age Group Times
Sunday 11th of February – Gymea Bay Oval
  U8 Boys/mixed teams 8:00
  W8 Girls 8:00
  W9 Girls 9:15
  U9 Boys/mixed teams 9:30
  W10 Girls 10:30
  W11 Girls 11:45
  U10 Boys/mixed teams 11:00
  W12 Girls 13:00
  W13/14Girls 14:15
  U11 Boys/mixed teams 13:00
  U12 Boys/mixed teams 14:15
  U14 Boys 15:15
  W15/16 Girls 15:30
  U16 Boys 16:15
  U13 Boys/mixed teams 17:15
  U15 Boys 17:15
  U17 Boys/W17 Girls No Grading Required
  W18 Girls/ U18 Boys No Grading Required


Grading, U/W6 and U/W7

In 2024, U/W6 will revert back to the previous system of mustering players into teams and grading teams as a whole, rather than individual players.

U/W7 will not need to attend a grading session at this point. We will contact new teams if they are required to.

U/W6 players will need to attend both muster and grading sessions.

For more information, return to https://www.gufc.com.au/registration/new-miniroos-extra-info/

Date Age Group Times
MUSTER – Monday 19th of February
U6/W6 Boys and Girls 4:30pm
GRADING – Wednesday 21st of February
U6/W6 Boys and Girls 4:30pm


Ages 18-21 and Seniors 

Players are only graded for A grade teams. Grading for A grade teams occurs on designated grading days and will be communicated to these players. All other grades can arrange to play with friends through the registrar (registrar@gufc.com.au)

Please note:

All players must be registered before attending grading.  It is important to remember that your registration is not accepted by GUFC until full payment has been received.

Times are subject to change. Please check website within 24 hours of grading day[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]