For two rounds of the regular season every year we are get behind Pankind to raise awareness for pancreatic cancer research by showing up in force wearing our purple socks!

Participate on June 18/19 and 25/26 of Season 2022!

Since its inception in 2015 the ‘Play in Purple” campaign for pancreatic cancer has truly ‘gone’ places and grown into a truly nationwide campaign. Not many people know that pancreatic cancer claims virtually the same amount of lives each year as breast cancer, but has a 5 year survival rate of only 10.7%. PanKind, The Australian Pancreatic Cancer Foundation is exclusively dedicated to pancreatic cancer, with a mission to dramatically improve the low survival rates for the disease, and raising awareness is key to achieving better outcomes for patients and their families.

The #PlayinPurple 2021 campaign was a huge success with almost 14,000 players playing in purple socks with the campaign supported by Football NSW, Football West, Capital Football and high-profile associations as well as A-League Clubs Sydney FC, Western Sydney Wanderers and Perth Glory, with both clubs sharing key campaign messages and offering high participating clubs free match day tickets for the 2022 season.

#PlayinPurple is now in its 8th year and continues to grow across Australia, being embraced by football players from all codes ages and geographies, all passionately playing in purple socks to raise critical awareness for pancreatic cancer.

Key information for the 2022 campaign:

  • #PlayinPurple will run on two weekends for GUFC on June 18/19 or 25/26 
  • All players, clubs and codes are encouraged to participate Australia wide, with a simple change of your local club socks to purple socks for one weekend!
  • PanKind purple socks are $15 per pair and the funds raised will go directly toward pancreatic cancer research
  • Players can choose to wear the 2021 socks and simply make a donation