MiniRoos Gala & Trial Games - THANK YOU Sans Souci FC for such a great weekend

MiniRoos Gala & Trial Games - THANK YOU Sans Souci FC for such a great weekend

18 March 2018

Thank you to all Sans Souci FC and GUFC players for such a great weekend of trial games and gala day! Thanks also to Sans Souci for hosting our teams at Claydon Reserve. SEE YOU AGAIN NEXT YEAR :-)

Here are some photos from the MiniRoos Gala Day.  If you have any other photos for the website, please email to


Previous News Item -

Please see following released by Football NSW today after the prediction of high temperatures over this weekend, particularly on Sunday: 

Dear Associations, 


With forecast temperatures for this coming weekend across the Sydney and the Western areas expected to reach the 40° mark, we would like to remind clubs of the FNSW Hot Weather Policy.


CHILDREN - 32° (activity should be cancelled when ambient air temperature reaches 32°)

ADULTS - 37° (activity should be cancelled when ambient air temperature reaches 37°)

Cancellation may be necessary at lower temperatures, particularly where a higher level of humidity is present. Refer to the Heat Stress Indexfor risk levels.

Associations and Community Clubs are reminded of their duty of care and that in extreme temperatures the safety and welfare of players must be a priority.

Exposure to extreme heat can be dangerous to the health of adults and pose an ever-greater risk to the health of children and young people.


Where temperatures occur within the following ranges and a club has assessed and deemed a football activity to be safe to continue, consideration must be given to modifying the activity and increasing rest and drink breaks in shaded areas.

Children - 26° to 31° ambient temperature (at 32° activity should be cancelled – refer above)

Adults - 26° to 36° ambient temperature (at 37° activity should be cancelled – refer above)

Within these temperature ranges, participation must also be closely monitored and the safety and welfare of players MUST BE A PRIORITY.

Football NSW has already cancelled the SAP Gala Day which was due to take place at VSP this weekend and we encourage you all to take a similarly pro-active approach to your weekend fixtures if appropriate.

Please refer to the FNSW Hot Weather Policy. For further information, please refer to the SMA Hot Weather Guidelines and Sports Medicine Australia website.

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Could all managers please advise their teams of the time and place of gala day and trial games as soon as possible.

The MiniRoos Gala Day will be held on Saturday, 17th March.  All players should wear full GUFC uniform, shin pads and football boots.  No ID cards or shirt numbers are need for u10+ teams.

Here are the schedules of all games to be played this weekend (17th & 18th March):


 2018 Gala Day - 9.pdf

Some trial games with Sans Souci will be held at Sans Souci's home ground, Claydon Reserve, Sans Souci (link to Google Maps for Claydon Reserve)

Trial games booked for Kareela 2 & Gymea Bay Oval

* If you wish to book in one of the available hour time slots to play a trial game you have organised please contact Paul *

Following is the Schedule are the Conditions of Use of Kareela 2 from the Sutherland Shire Football Association:

Kareela 2 and 3 – Pre Season Criteria for Use

Before matches begin

  • The first teams scheduled for the day are required to set up the field (both teams should assist in this regard):
    • Set up Goal posts
    •  Put up corner flags and halfway flags (stored at Kirrawee club House or in the locked enclosure)
    •  Put out Garbage Bins
    • Check surface for any debris or damage
  • Teams (players and officials) to use the western side of the fields (i.e. nearer to Harrie Dening Centre) for the Technical area. That is, the Technical Area is not to be situated on the car park side of the fields.

After Matches are finished

  • Last teams scheduled for the day are required to pack up the field:
    • Take down goal posts and store in enclosure (leave the nets attached)
    • only two goals are permitted on the trolley at a time (again, both teams should assist in this regard),
    • remove flags and store in the fenced off enclosure near K2
    • Clear up any litter and leave oval tidy
    • Ensure garbage bins are put into locked enclosure

During the matches

  • Each team is to provide two (2) people for Ground Control per match (wearing Orange Jackets) - to undertake normal ground control duties (as specified in SSFA Rule 30D) and to ensure the below requirements are satisfied:
    • No food/ sports drinks/ chewing gum/ alcohol/ smoking is allowed inside the perimeter fence,
    • No Spectators are permitted inside the perimeter fence (players, team officials and match officials only are allowed)