IMPORTANT: Preseason Training / Trialling etc

IMPORTANT: Preseason Training / Trialling etc

14 February 2018

All Clubs,

As a courtesy please be advised that pre season activity (training, trials, kick around', etc) must be sanctioned by the SSFA prior to any such activity being permitted on Council land or even at a private facility. Without said approval players, coaches, managers and club officials are not covered by the FNSW sourced Directors and Officers Insurance, Public Liability Insurance and Player Insurance.

For the SSFA to approve such use, and ensure that FNSW sourced Insurance  requirements (Player, D&O and Public Liability) are satisfied, the following is noted (not to be considered exhaustive).

Players registered in MFC are covered by the FNSW sourced insurance for the calendar year, subject to:

- Activities must be undertaken on fields allocated for the specific purpose by Council or a private field (e.g 5Sports, Seymour Shaw stadium, etc) that has been approved for the specific use by the SSFA

- Safety inspections are required before any activity commences.

- Council will not allocate fields for activities without sufficient Public Liability Insurance ($60 million). Which is where the FNSW sourced cover is applicable.

- SSFA has a number of fields (on some days and times) allocated to it over the summer.

- These fields can be used by the clubs subsequent to the SSFA receiving an explicit request from the club and approval from SSFA being granted (as this is not the winter season this may also need FNSW approval). For example, Summer Soccer, CofC training, clinics, etc are generally in scope.

- Only properly structured activities with registered players only participating are covered.

- Very early pre seasoning training and 'team trials' have not been requested and therefore have not been approved in the past - but such activities are becoming more prevalent. The SSFA EC will consider this when it next meets. It may be a requirement that any players participating in such activities will need to complete a register stating their name, DOB, 2017 Club and 2017 team (including age and grade) - with this register being submitted to the SSFA for its records.

+ This differs to the winter season as the SSFA have a blanket field allocation for the winter season for conducting its competition - with all registered players covered when undertaking approved activity (i.e. using only allocated grounds (when open) as allocated by the SSFA to their club).

+ The SSFA also have a pre-season allocation from Council to assist with trials, pre-season training etc. - generally commencing late February. The same as above applies.

+ SSFA WPL, AYL, SAP and GSAP trials and training are specifically covered during the summer as they approved by SSFA and FNSW as they are FNSW sanctioned activities.

Being very specific, a player using a non-allocated or closed ground at any time of year has no cover - nor do the coach, manager or committee member at the club who has approved or allowed such activity.

Given the above I reinforce that the following points are worth considering for an activity that has not been sanctioned by the SSFA (unless a separate and discrete insurance cover is in place):

* it will be considered a group of friends 'kicking a ball' at their own risk,

* none of the players will be insured,

* there will be no D&O or Public Liability Insurance, and

* in the event of an injury or untoward circumstance the persons at the club (or coach or manager) that have sanctioned any such activities may well be personally liable.

Please do not hesitate to contact the undersigned if clarification or assistance is required.

Jeff Stewart
General Manager
Sutherland Shire Football Association