Wet weather occasionally forces training and games to be cancelled.

The SSFA clubs determine if games are played. The Council Wet Weather Line doesn’t apply on the weekends.

In the event of wet weather on a weekend, here is what to do:

Game days

In the event of wet weather:

  • GUFC's competition secretary will advise you of any changes to games by sms as soon as we are notified by the SSFA
  • Check www.gufc.com.au and shirefootball.com.au for updates
  • Notify your team as soon as possible of any changes

For early games, the decision may not come before you and your team needs to leave for the game. Unfortunately, this is unavoidable, due to the grounds not being inspected until 7am.

Always assume games are ON unless you are advised otherwise.

Also note that just because some games are called off, others may go ahead eg Saturday games could be off, while Sunday games are on.

Total Washout Draw - Plan B

In the event that a significant number of fields are deemed unplayable on a given weekend Plan B will be implemented with the 'total wash out draw' in place. That is, team's specified in the 2018 Total Wash Out Draw will be played at Kareela 2 and 3 at the times noted.

Subject to final Ground Inspections being undertaken by the relevant clubs on the respective weekend the other listed age groups may (or may not) be given an opportunity to play. The following items are noted for clarity:

  • The teams listed in the 2018 Total Wash Out Draw will be playing Round 18,
  • At times as stated,
  • Location will not be known until the morning thereof (except K2 and K3 which will be played),
  • Teams will be advised if/where games will take place. The teams are also asked to assist with set up and pack up if they are the first or last game,
  • Ground Control requirements for playing at a foreign field (SSFA Rule 30.D) does apply,
  • those grades 'drawn from the hat' for Plan B
  • Saturday Draw for the first 8 grades listed (at either Kareela or Field TBA), and
  • Sunday Draw for the first 8 grades listed (at either Kareela or Field TBA).