Huge thank you to our grading panel for all their hard work over the past few weeks. They’ve given up their nights and weekends to organise hundreds and hundreds of players into teams – not an easy job and your efforts are appreciated.

So what’s next?


Now you’ve been graded, you need to …

Swap details: hopefully at the end of grading, you swapped contact details with your team coach/manager. Team sheets
are still under construction and players/parents should not be concerned if you have not heard from your coach/manager. Your coach and manager will receive a finalised team list early March and should contact you then.

Arrange a training time: it’s up to teams to organise their training. Your team coach/manager will coordinate this.
Teams can start training on Gymea Bay Oval after Monday 11th March.

Gala day and trial games: there will be a MiniRoos gala day on 16th March and trial games organised for junior teams. Watch for details. Your team coach/manager should also confirm details.

Get ready for round 1: the competition kicks off Saturday, 23rd March and Sunday, 24th March.

Keep up-to-date: please keep yourself up-to-date during the season. Here’s how:

  • Visit this website regularly
  • Sign up to the weekly e-newsletter – sign up at
  • ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page
  • Check the club calendar – available at
  • Ask your team coach and manager


Been handed the job of coach or manager for 2019. Firstly, THANK YOU for getting involved! Here’s what you need to do straight away……

Facebook Page – join our GUFC 2019 Coaches & Managers Facebook Group.  We wont be sending out a weekly coaches & managers bulletin this season … information will be posted immediately on this page for you!  You will also receive all information via the weekly Striker and on the GUFC website.

Contact details – you will receive a finalised team sheet at the beginning of March.

Contact your team members – touch base with your team ASAP after receiving your team sheet. Encourage them to visit for info and to sign up to the weekly e-newsletter from GUFC.  If any details on the team sheet are incorrect, email

Arrange training – discuss a suitable training day/time with the team.  ALL coaches and managers MUST register on GUFC’s SSFA Shared Services website – and book your training time / spot.

u6 and u7 training – u6 and u7 usually all train together Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s 3.30pm-4.30pm or 4.30pm-5.30pm. This creates a fun and supportive environment for the players and coaches.

Attend the coach and manager meeting

NEW DATE: Monday, 11th March at Gymea Bay Oval Hall.
It’s essential at least one person from each u6-u18 team attends.
* MiniRoos (u6-u11) – 7pm-7.45pm
* Junior teams (u12-u18) – 7.45pm-8.30pm
Senior teams, particularly new coaches & managers, welcome to attend the 7.45pm meeting on the night to collect team sheets etc.

At the coach and manager meeting miniroos & junior teams will be provided with kit bags, GUFC Coach and Manager Guide (miniroos teams only) and a finalised team sheet. Senior kit bags will be available from 20th March.
We will only be providing miniroos (u6-u11) this season with a printed GUFC Coach and Manager Guide. All junior and senior teams will be emailed an electronic copy. Please email if you would like a hard copy of the 2019 Guide.

Gala day and trial games – advise your team of gala day and trial games details once GUFC confirms the details with you via email and/or  It is really important any trial games you organise for your team must be advised to for authorisation by the SSFA and/or Football NSW.

Football NSW Insurance – players are only covered by the FNSW Insurance Policy if they have registered and their registration accepted by GUFC prior to participating in football (including training, trials etc.) and only if they are using a field that has been allocated for that purpose by the SSFA/ Council and their activity is expressly approved.

Make sure GUFC Shared Services has your correct contact info. If your details change or you do not receive the Striker, GUFC’s newsletter, let us know by updating your information on the Shared Services website