Online registration opens Wednesday, 3 January 2018
until Sunday, 11 February 2018 @ 4pm

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR U6-U18 PLAYERS - all players wishing to claim the Active Kids Rebate of $100 for their soccer registration MUST register to play for Gymea United Football Club on MyFootball Club after 31 January using a voucher obtained from Service NSW! Parents will be able to apply for and download vouchers on the Service NSW website after 31st of January ( Players registering on MyFootball Club before 31 January will not be eligible to claim their rebate with GUFC but can claim with another eligible sport - read more about the Active Kids Rebate.

  • Mastercard or Visa payment only
  • Once complete:
    • U6-U18, JW12-JW18 - need to attend grading.  Read more about grading here>>
    • Senior players (U21 and over) - you will be contacted by a team official or the GUFC registrar during February.

Can I register online?

  • Everyone playing for GUFC in 2018 must register and pay online.
    • all new players (for id verification) will still need to come to a registration day (even if you register online)
    • the following age groups must either upload a photo when registering on MyFootballClub or attend a registration day at the hall for photos:
      • All players playing in the U10 age group for 2018 (as they require a photo ID this year)
      • All U14 boys and girls, all U18 boys and girls AND and ALL NEW players U10 and above
      • All returning players whose photo is more than 3 years old
      • Any player whose photo is not in the myfootballclub system or is not of an acceptable standard/quality
        Please note: no glasses to be worn in ID photographs, unless they are sports glasses - refer following Rule 4.G. regarding sports glasses approval -
        The following documentation is required for EC approval of sports glasses:
        • photo of player with sports glasses on eg the FFA profile photo in MFC.
        • letter from optometrist detailing the type of glasses purchased (with player name) and their specifications, including specific mention of the make, material and durability.
        • Manufacturers specification of the sports glasses.

Before you start online registration

  • ONLY credit card is accepted – Mastercard and Visa
  • You need your registration letter with FFA number (if you have one)
  • If you are having trouble or you are unable to retrieve your password, visit our step by step guide to registering on MyFootballClub  Self Registration Guide for MyFootballClub>>
  • You can only register one person at a time, as each player will have a separate FFA number/password
  • If you are intending on taking a family discount (3 or more players), student discount (U18 and over only) or buying uniform items please read the information below.
  • Should you encounter any issues along the way please do not hesitate to contact either the FFA MyFootballClub Support Centre on 8020 4199 or via email at
  • It is important to remember that your registration is not accepted by GUFC until full payment has been received. Late fees will apply to any payments received after 11/2/2018.

GUFC family discount online (3 players or more)

Family discounts are available online.

  • $30 per senior player (U21 and over)
  • $15 per junior player (U6-U18 inclusive)
  • To be eligible you must
    • Register three or more players
    • Be a spouse, defacto spouse, father, mother, brother, sister, son or daughter (including step) grandfather, grandmother, granddaughter or grandson living in the same residence.
  • Before you start, your need the name/ and FFA number of each family member
  • The system only allows you to register one player at a time. Because of this, at the end of an individual registration (step 7 below), you need to type in the names and FFA numbers of all family members applying for the discount. This is so GUFC can verify eligibility for the discount.

    What to do:
     (1) Log on and begin to register the individual family member
    (2) When you get to the final payment confirmation screen, click on “Purchase Additional Items”
    (3) Select the relevant family discount option
    (4) Return to the payment confirmation screen and your total will have been adjusted
    (5) Finalise the payment

    Repeat this process for each family member registering, selecting the family discount each time. 

GUFC student discount online (18yr and AL/SW only)

  • $20 per player
  • To be eligible you must:
    • Over 18 years of age
    • Studying full time
    • email proof you are a student to eg Student ID

What to do:
(1) Log on and begin to register
(2) When you get to the registration package screen, select the full time student discount option
(3) Continue with the registration process.

GUFC uniforms

GUFC uniforms are available to purchase at various times during February and March.  Please watch the GUFC website for details.

  • GUFC playing shirt $35
  • GUFC playing shorts $25
  • GUFC playing socks $10

Email if you have any queries.