Thank you letter from Loftus Rovers
Thank you letter from Loftus Rovers read more
Farewell Mrs Ward
Farewell Mrs Ward read more
2017 Season - Your Help Needed
2017 Season - Your Help Needed read more
GUFC Good Sportsmanship
GUFC Good Sportsmanship read more
How Yelling at Referees is Hurting our Children
How Yelling at Referees is Hurting our Children read more
Ground Status


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FREE Strapping @ GBO

Steve Cole Physiotherapy is offering a FREE sports taping service, 7-9am SUNDAY's at tba
PLUS read more about Steve's no gap physio payment service ...

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2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

26/27 - Round 8 

2/3 - Round 9
3 - Round 3, State Cup
9/10 - Round 10
16 - Team Photos
16/17 - Round 11
17 - Round 4, State Cup
23 - Team Photos

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Ground Control

Ground Control

Teams on ground control duty are ...

Saturday, 26 May, Round 8 &
Sunday, 27 May, Round 8:
Gymea Bay Oval
Saturday - 6A, 6B2, 9F1, 8C, W9B, 9C, 9D, 14A
Sunday - WSG/2, WSF    
Kareela 2
Saturday - 12C, 21A/2            
Sunday - WSD, AL9/2    
Kareela 3
Saturday - W14E
Waratah Oval

Times, duties and people required >>

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GUFC 2018 Committee Vacancies

GUFC 2018 Committee Vacancies

This season we still have a number of positions vacant on the committee including Honorary Secretary, Social Secretary & General Committee. 

Some duties a general committee person might help out with are:
- Junior Presentation day;
- registration days;
- committee duty 3 or 4 (half days) a season at Gymea Bay Oval;
- attend monthly committee meetings;
plus assisting with another part of running the club which interests you!

Please see GUFC's Constitution for all committee position descriptions.

GUFC is entirely voluntary run - we need more support from members to effectively run the club ... if you are interested in helping out please email


GUFC Sponsor - Vision Gymea

GUFC Sponsor - Vision Gymea