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FREE Strapping @ GBO

Steve Cole Physiotherapy is offering a FREE sports taping service, 7-9am SUNDAY's at tba
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2018 Calendar

2018 Calendar

26/27 - Round 8 

2/3 - Round 9
3 - Round 3, State Cup
9/10 - Round 10
16 - Team Photos
16/17 - Round 11
17 - Round 4, State Cup
23 - Team Photos

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Ground Control

Ground Control

Teams on ground control duty are ...

Saturday, 26 May, Round 8 &
Sunday, 27 May, Round 8:
Gymea Bay Oval
Saturday - 6A, 6B2, 9F1, 8C, W9B, 9C, 9D, 14A
Sunday - WSG/2, WSF    
Kareela 2
Saturday - 12C, 21A/2            
Sunday - WSD, AL9/2    
Kareela 3
Saturday - W14E
Waratah Oval

Times, duties and people required >>

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GUFC 2018 Committee Vacancies

GUFC 2018 Committee Vacancies

This season we still have a number of positions vacant on the committee including Honorary Secretary, Social Secretary & General Committee. 

Some duties a general committee person might help out with are:
- Junior Presentation day;
- registration days;
- committee duty 3 or 4 (half days) a season at Gymea Bay Oval;
- attend monthly committee meetings;
plus assisting with another part of running the club which interests you!

Please see GUFC's Constitution for all committee position descriptions.

GUFC is entirely voluntary run - we need more support from members to effectively run the club ... if you are interested in helping out please email


GUFC Sponsor - Vision Gymea

GUFC Sponsor - Vision Gymea