Each year GUFC presents two important awards:

  • Giant of the Year – outstanding services by a volunteer committee person
  • President’s Award – outstanding services by a volunteer

As with most local sports clubs, GUFC is run entirely by volunteers – committee, coaches, managers and many other helpers. With nearly 1600 players and 138 teams, running GUFC is a big job. It starts in January with registration, grading and teams commencing training – and ends in November/December with the annual general meeting and planning for the next season. It simply can’t be understated – our volunteers ensure we all get to play football. Without them, we wouldn’t have a club. Every effort is appreciated – we thank you all.


Congratulations Michael New our extremely hard working and dedicated Honorary Treasurer, who received the 2020 President’s Award.

Congratulations also to Paul Worthy who received the 2020 Giant of the Year Award.  The Giant of the Year is a peer award and this season Paul received a large percentage of the committee votes for his excellent work coordinating GUFC’s response to the Covid-19 challenges.

Thank you Paul and Michael for all that you do for the club and fellow committee members.

Pictured here is Anthony Severino (GUFC’s President) presenting the awards to Michael and Paul at the committee Christmas dinner.